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F. Roberts Construction, Inc. is a trusted commercial construction company in California. We can handle projects of any size on any budget. Our capabilities are endless with all the services we provide. If you are looking for a company who believes in working with a team, FRC is the player for your winning team. 

General Construction  (Gallery)


With over 100 skilled framers, dry wallers, tapers and painters, FRC takes full advantage every minute we have on the schedule. We are able to get our skilled carpenters into our renovation units right behind the demolition or environmental crews to begin work. Most companies would not enter a unit to work around other trades, nor would they show up for a half days work. This is not the case with our teams, which gives us the edge in executing projects ahead of schedule.

Environmental (Gallery)


F. Roberts Construction’s Environmental division really has set us apart from our competition. With the ability and licenses to perform the asbestos/lead abatement in house, these crews lead the charge and set the pace to all our projects. Our environmental crews are also trained and certified to handle any unforeseen issues when a renovation begins such as mold and hazardous soil. There is zero down time to your scheduled renovation with our ability to handle all unforeseen environmental issues we may encounter.

Demolition (Gallery)


F. Roberts Construction’s Demolition division specializes in surgical and selective demolition. With the ability to self-perform this scope of work in any renovation/restoration project, you have a huge advantage. This division also helps accelerate our plumbing work when we have to ability to expedite the trenching and saw cutting work by experienced demolition workers. We also perform site clear demolition projects.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (Gallery)


Acquisition of several mechanical engineering, electrical, and plumbing companies (along with 100 certified technicians), has enabled FRC to control costs and schedules within these scopes. Implementing these crews with our demolition, environmental and general construction divisions has enabled FRC to be more efficient from start to finish.

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