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Mighty Fire Breaker™ - Job Site Spray

M-Fire Suppression Job Site Spray was invented to defend 100% of the lumber inside wood-framed buildings. This makes wood-framed buildings safer for workers in case of fire during construction, and also safer long after drywall and sprinklers are in place. 

M-Fire has done fire laboratory tests as well as live demonstrations all over the United States in Fire Training Centers, in front of Fire Chiefs. Our laboratory test results along with our live fire demos have proven to fire fighters that raw buildings burn beyond what they can control and an M-Fire job site sprayed building makes their jobs safer.

M-Fire is not trying to compete with the Fire Rated Timber (FRT) factory applied codes with this job site spray but rather defending what nobody has before. Our patent pending fire inhibitor job site spray costs 1/4 of the cost to build an entire building with Fire Rated Timber (FRT). Builders no longer have to gamble today to build anything over 2 stories with raw lumber it only puts workers and neighboring buildings at undo risk.

Mighty FireBreaker™ fire inhibitor has excellent cling and adhesion on all types of lumber, giving it the ability to defend against any type of fire quickly by breaking the chemical reaction fires need to advance.

 Our Plan is to stall fires advance so firefighters have more time to arrive and arrest the ignition source. Our vision is to help treasure and defend lumber, the MOST cost effective way to build affordable housing as well as, safegaurd future generations from the greenhouse gas these fires create. Our Goal is to encourage US GreenBuild Council to reward builders with LEED value for proactively defending 100% of the raw lumber in there projects.