Due to the recent Pandemic of COVID-19, and the viruses ability to survive on surfaces in some studies up to 17 days, we are offering decontamination of residential and commercial facilities with a focus on viral eradication


F. Roberts Construction’s Environmental Division can mobilize crews to disinfect and deep clean your property. With years of experience in the remediation industry, we use EPA approved products, and follow CDC guidelines. F. Roberts Construction’s Environmental Division can ensure a safe environment for employees to return and lessen the fears of consumers / Patrons.


*Ask for our hand sanitizer wholesale pricing with refillable stations for your building or job site


We are currently providing disinfection services to commercial buildings, corporate offices, leasing centers, schools, restaurants, and construction sites. We use specialized disinfection agents, that are EPA approved products, to ensure a proper disinfection and reduce the number of pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We also do a pre-incident disinfection as a preventative measure for any facilities prior to resuming business when the statewide lockdown is lifted.

Our Disinfection Process

  • Wet wipe of all reachable surfaces in the building 

  • Fogging to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria within the building

  • Disinfection of all affected equipment and HVAC vents

Disinfection Process Helps

  • Lower the risk of infection and illness

  • Prevent cross contamination within humans

  • Reduces operations down time

  • Lowers suspected cases with preventative disinfection which is proven to be effective

Talk to one of our specialists:

Josh Stofle (714) 931-1398               Jesse Lopez (949) 533-2522


Email Us: CovidClean@RNRCGROUP.COM

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